3 & 4 July 2019, Bordeaux (Mérignac)




Humanity's universal language, the sense of touch, has been neglected in human machine interface until now; Actronika is revolutionizing HMI by creating the next generation of user experience through the sense of touch. Our haptic technology is ready to be integrated in your products to give you not only a competitive advantage, but more importantly to create a strong and genuine feeling of trust with your customers. Our technology is portative, affordable, easily adaptable to your needs and ready for mass production. We are now looking for partners in new industries interested in co-creating a better tomorow.



AirCar is a consortium of 9 major players who supports the aeronautical industrial sector : ONERA and the Carnot nstitutes CETIM,Ingénierie@Lyon, IFPEN TE, ESP, Leti, ARTS,M.I.N.E.S, MICA.  AirCar is a unique point of contact to access to the excellence of French research.



The research carried out at the CBC Carnot Institute contribute to gains in energy efficiency through the development of new materials and innovative fabrication processes, which reduce the weight, volume and complexity of terrestrial vehicles and aircraft. Studies of the durability of these materials under real operating conditions is another competence of the institute’s groups. 
Power electronics, a key technology for transportation systems, is another focus of our research teams; by developing materials resistant to high temperatures loses are reduced.



CISTEME is a center of Innovation and Technology Transfer (CRT) in the field of electronics and High Frequency systems, ensuring the technical valuation of work derived from innovative concepts, and the transfer of this work to industrial companies. CISTEME is extending its activities' area to Radio Frequency (RF) and High Frequency (HF) subsystems, being able today to design, characterize and pre-industrialize the various components and subsystems of a RF and HF communication chain. Communications, Security, Energy and Smart Building, Aeronautics, Space and Defense, Wireless sensor networks (IoT context), Health and Intelligent Transport are the main areas of application.

Technology transfer: CISTEME supports its partners in several technology transfer topics, among them: 5G Antenna architectures - Design of High efficiency amplifiers for envelope tracking applications - Innovative communicating sensors and associated communication protocols in the fields of autonomy, health, smart building, industry 4.0, Agrifood, ... - Development of intelligent sensors for motion and / or behavior analysis for health, etc. 



CITRA provides facilities to reach the performance of numerous surface treatment processes. Our confidentiality policy permits to develop on-demand coatings, at a medium scale, between research and industry, from TRL 4 to 7. Coatings from 0.02 et 10 000 µm and more, with high purity, density, compositions, architecture, on a large range of materials. We can also control thickness, hardness, composition, adhesion, wear and friction properties inside our own laboratory.

Transfert de technologie en cours ou envisagé : AM by cold spray process - Hard chrome substitution by PVD or electrolytic composite process - Coatings in complex shapes (inside of tubes). 



The CRITT Informatique is a Regional Center for Innovation and Technology Transfer in Computer Science whose mission is to develop at regional level a stimulation and support policy  for modernization projects in SMEs through the deployment of innovative computer systems. The CRITT Informatique is an interface between the research and industrial sector. Technology transfer specialized in 3 strategic activities: information system, collaborative robotics and optical metrology.



CTTC is the main RTO specialized in technical ceramics, offering innovative and high technological level solutions. CTTC owns a unique set of equipment to set new materials and processes. In particular, ALTERINOV platform is dedicated to 3D Printing, with a dozen of printers covering seven different technologies. CTTC services are R&D studies, expertise, upscaling, characterization of ceramics and training.

Technology transfer: CTTC is working on ceramic materials suitable for 3D Printing, with the aim to push them in the market. Various feedstocks such as alumina or silicon carbide powders for Binder Jetting Process ; Cordierite, alumina or zirconia for Robocasting process ; or appropriate inks for Aerosol Jet Printing and Ink Jet Printing technologies are under development. In addition, CTTC is also developing 3D Printers well-adapted for the manufacturing of these materials, that required specific settings in order to consider the characteristics of ceramics.



We develop the business of our clients around their business, their know-how and their patents and licenses. We identify new business opportunities, new uses and innovative business models.



ONERA develops and guides and guiding research activities in the aerospace field. It designing, develops and deploys the resources required to conduct this research. ONERA also disseminates, in collaboration with the authorities or organisations responsible for scientific and technical research, the results of said research at national and international levels; promoting their use by the aerospace industry and, where appropriate, facilitating their application outside the aerospace field.



A unique cluster dedicated to ceramics since 2005. Based in Limoges, the French Ceramic Cluster is known as an expert in the ceramic sector in France. The cluster unites 125 members of the ceramic sector: research laboratories, training centres, transfer centres and industrials.



SATO (TOKYO:6287) strives to be the most trusted Auto-ID solution provider worldwide, bridging the last inch of the last mile for customers in manufacturing, logistics, retail, food & beverage and healthcare through cutting edge tagging solutions. With a 5,000+ strong global workforce and 78 years of expertise, SATO engineers value-added solutions that boost accuracy, sustainability, labor and resource savings, provide reassurance and enable emotional connections.



Ouest Valorisation is a Société d'Accélération du Transfert de Technologies or Technology Transfer Acceleration Company - SATT. Our mission is to add value to the results produced by public research laboratories, in Brittany and the Pays de la Loire, and to offer socio-economic actors with attractive innovation resources. We finance and assist technologies until they are adapted by industrial companies, taking on the technological and financial risk inherent to the projects. We are able to mobilise committees of multi-skilled experts, a richness which enables us to support technologies in fields of application which complement each other and which were not initially planned. We enable existing companies or companies which are being created to access these inventions more quickly to convert them into innovative products.